Ash Cloud Measurement with Pegasor PPS


Pegasor Ltd. has developed a compact, continuously operating and real-time particulate matter (PM) sensor. This sensor can be installed on board an aircraft, when necessary. In combination with the aircraft’s global positioning system data 3-D PM charts can be created and shared with other aircraft, operators and national air space control authorities. Pegasor Oy (Finland) has developed an innovative real time PM sensor, PPS-M, that enables continuous monitoring of fine particle concentration at a low initial and lifecycle cost. This innovative design allows low cost monitoring of fine & ultrafine particle emissions in demanding applications such as real time on board vehicle diagnostics (OBD). PPS-M sensor is lightweight, compact, and features fast time response times and low power consumption. PPS-M sensor is robust in design so it can withstand the harshest operating conditions such as on board aircraft. PPS-M is very suitable for on board aircraft measurements. The PPS-M has been tested by the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers and automotive industry organizations. The ash cloud created by volcanic eruption in Iceland has paralyzed air traffic on most of the Northern Europe. The set limitations on air traffic are based on predictions from climate models. The PPS-M sensor allows national and international authorities to provide accurate measurement data on ash concentration in the atmosphere, which can be used to populate and to refine such theoretical models. Real time monitoring of the extent and density of the ash cloud will allow airlines and agencies to provide morerealistic hazard assessments. The size and price of the PPS-M sensor enables it to be used as part of weather balloon meteorological measurement arrays.

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